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Framing the Debate

A new look at the economics of LEARN (Low Eneregy Lattice Assisted Reactions – Nuclear) Now to our friends in the corporate world, here’s the good news. Due to the protracted, hilarious and surrealistic march of “Peter the Hermit” and … Continue reading

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Rossi Rival to Announce Cold Fusion/LENR Findings

Scientist Brian Ahern of the Ames National Laboratory will announce his findings and theory on cold fusion/LENR* on December 7 in New York City.  Recently he has been working with Dr. George Miley’s group at the University of Illinois and, … Continue reading

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Report On A Conversation With George Miley

This was posted on Vortex by Jed Rothwell and with his permission is posted below. _____________________________________ I spoke with George Miley of the University of Illinois about his most recent tests with palladium zirconium alloys with gas loading. Here are … Continue reading

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