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Diverse Interest in LENR Indicates a Paradigm Shift

For many of us, our interest in cold fusion began last January, or thereabouts, when we heard about Andrea Rossi and his e-Cat. For nearly a year we followed the story waiting for Rossi’s big reveal in October of 2011. … Continue reading

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PLAN X: Three Scenarios

OK! There are a lot of very intelligent people out there who find the idea of active conspiracies, whose aim is to control and “own” LENR energy generation – delay its rollout until such time as they have devised an … Continue reading

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Cold Fusion For Christmas?

I doubt it.  Not this year anyway.  However, after a seemingly disappointing period of no significant news regarding the cold fusion saga, mid-December has found this story once again springing to life. Last week Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney mentioned … Continue reading

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