Welcome to the E-Cat site where we talk about cold fusion, and other interesting (mostly science related) subjects as well as business topics – and all the other things that matter in today’s world.

In case you are unfamiliar with cold fusion which is now sometimes referred to as LENR (Low-energy nuclear reaction), it’s a very exciting and some would say potentially revolutionary new energy source that has been creating a lot of buzz in the scientific community.

Cold fusion first came into the public consciousness back in 1989 when many feel it was “debunked” some sort of a hoax. Many however feel that dismissing this excited technology was premature to say the least.

Over the past 3 decades scientific researchers have repeatedly validated the original claims made by Dr. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleishmann about excess energy production.

The E-Cat was a cold-fusion device created by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi.

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