What You Ought to Know About Cold Fusion

Cold fusion characterizes a type of energy yielded when hydrogen interacts with different metals such as palladium and nickel. At present, cold fusion is still considered a hypothetical process for nuclear reaction, which happens near room temperature, not similar with hot fusion techniques that require millions of degrees.

In a cold fusion process the primary element of water – hydrogen – interacts with a small piece of palladium or nickel. The resulting reaction can produce extra heat as well as transmutation products. Excess heat is produced because more heat is generated than absorbed into the system. Cold fusion can provide a clean energy source that can heat water and produce useful steam that can spin turbines to generate electricity. The process can generate high excess heat, which is more than the accounted for through chemical means, and hence should be generated through a nuclear source.

Unlike today’s nuclear sources, cold fusion is clean and efficient, because the process doesn’t use radioactive materials. Cold fusion happens when small neutrons, electrons, and protons of hydrogen interacts with nickel or palladium metal that gradually releases energy, through photons, devoid of the risky radiations linked with the current nuclear reactions. In addition, cold fusion generates no radioactive waste.

Another advantage in using cold fusion is the abundance of supply. Earth is bountiful with hydrogen in the form of water. The energy source from water is safe and clean because there are zero dangerous emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2). In cold fusion reactions, only small amounts of hydrogen are spent and the metal elements can be recycled after use.

Transmutation happens when one element changed, or transmuted into a different element. Since the ancient times, transmutation of one element into another has been a dream of alchemists such as transforming iron ore into gold. Today, many scientists were able to produce new elements inside their laboratories through cold fusion techniques. Several research points out to the safety of transmuting radioactive elements into safe elements. This offers a bright future for our planet to get rid of tons of radioactive waste materials that are harmful to both humans and nature.

Moreover, the generators for cold fusion don’t need to be connected to electrical grids. Portable energy sources can generate enough energy for any location. If getting access to water equals getting access to fuel, local folks can gain more control on their choice for energy. Safe, clean energy source such as cold fusion can start a green revolution around the world.

Energy-dense cold fusion can make it easier to recycle all waste materials because it can provide a changed economy based on safe and clean energy. Also, it can cleanse polluted waterways and change them into their pristine conditions, which save the planet from extinction.

With many independent laboratories and research facilities from all over the globe bring years of study to its fruition with viable products, the worldwide effort to make cold fusion a reality can mark the change in the current evolution of the human race in our exploration in finding clean energy source.

Internet Marketing Strategies For Any Type Of Business


Whether your business is in tech, bio-tech or even if it is not a science or technology business at all, there are many new opportunities now available for you to promote your business through internet marketing. Although the majority of business owners are completely unaware, online marketing is something that you can use to drive traffic to your website regardless of your internet skills, or the size of your marketing team.

Of course if you are just a start up then it is going to be a bit harder to allocate the resources necessary to launch a full scale Internet marketing campaigns, but there are still things that you can do in just a few minutes a day. As an aside, if you are an entrepreneur looking to get more done then I highly recommend checking out Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive course which is currently relaunching. In fact any ambitious executive would do well to follow Pagan’s strategies. You can read more about the program in this Wake Up Productive review. The fact is, if you want to get more people to buy your products and services that then a well-executed online marketing strategy will help get your business to the top.

There are several ways to get more qualified leads into your online marketing funnel, one of which is by creating top quality content. Perhaps the word “creating” is a bit of a misnomer, in that I would not recommend that you personally spend your time writing content, as this is something that can easily be outsourced for chicken scratch.

While content can be sourced cheaply. it is nonetheless at the center of any Internet marketing campaign. Without content, you will be unable to attract any visitors to your website. The key when hiring writers to develop content is to make sure that they are producing content that fascinates your target market. Content that generates an emotional response is more powerful and enduring compared to just laying out facts and numbers. Get your writers to tell stories that connect with your prospects, and then tie the stories to the product, and service,your company offers. Stories pull0 in visitors that are looking for a holistic experience when they surf the Web.

I just also add that content does not have to be just text. The best websites provide their visitors with a combination of fascinating text, photos, and videos. Combine all three to provide your visitors with content that they would keep coming back to.

Now that you know how important content is, it is important to recognize that social media is a vital aspect of internet marketing strategy that realy works hand in hand with your content. Social media sites can serve as mediums to share your content and bring you new customers via social channels. Social media sites such as Facebook are a great way to help you communicate with your target market and get data about who your target market is. You can reply to messages or posts quickly when your customers have a query about the products or services they purchased. You can also get feedback about the products and services you offer which will provide you with critically important information on improvements you can make to these products and services.